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We offer face to face appointments at locations across the West of Scotland. We want you to feel comfortable to have a chat about your dietary and health concerns and can meet with you in the comfort of your own home.
  • Weight Management Individual Consultations
  • Weight Management Packages
  • Weight Loss Surgery Advice – pre and post operative
  • Diet and Lifestyle Assessment & Advice for Medical Conditions
  • Healthy Eating Talks & Nutritional Workshops for Companies and Organisations
  • Article Writing for Press and the Food Industry

What can I expect at my first appointment?
Your first appointment will generally take 1 hour with any follow up appointments taking ½ hour.  

You will be seen by a member of the Dietitians Direct team. The comprehensive assessment will include taking a dietary and weight history, exploring activity levels, assess how you are feeling, identify any problems you have that are associated with your weight and discuss your readiness to make changes.

At this appointment you will also receive your personalised dietary plan which will be calculated on an individualised basis. You will receive resources to support you.

They may also take some measurements such as your height, body weight and waist circumference.

You will also receive your personalised dietary plan which will be calculated on an individualised basis. You will receive resources to support you. All advice we offer is client centred. That is, we work with you based on what you want - not tell you what to do or what to eat.

Individual Consultations

  • Face-to-Face
  • 1 hour: £50
  • A 45 minute review: £40


  • Telephone
  • 30 Minutes: £35
  • A 30 minute review by telephone (email review on request): £30.00

Would you like more than one appointment?
When you book, ask about our latest packages. Currently we offer a 4week weight management programme.

4 Week Weight Management Programme

A 4 – week weight management programme consisting of 1 hour face to face appointment, followed by 2 x follow telephone appointments. And then a final face-to-face appointment.

At Weeks 2 & 3:
The Dietitian will contact you via telephone to check how you are getting on (30 minutes) and address any concerns you have. You can also be contacted by email if preferred.

What will happen at your final appointment:
The final review appointment (face-to face 45 minutes) will consist of a final weight check, a review of your progress, a discussion on how you will proceed on your weight loss journey. It may be at this appointment you identify further support you require to continue being successful and this can be arranged for you either with the Dietitians Direct Team or other Health Care Professionals.

Cost: £150.00

If you are considering weight loss surgery and wish to discuss this with an independent dietitian to help you decide if this is right for you we can offer face to face/telephone consultations. Alternatively If you have had weight loss surgery and are looking for expert help in getting the most from your procedure or are struggling to make the necessary dietary changes, Dietitians Direct can offer you a consultation to discuss getting on the right track.

Cost: 1 hr face to face or telephone consultation £45.

A Dietitian from Dietitian’s Direct can help to improve and manage many diseases and to prevent some of them from occurring in the first place by advising you on changes you can make to your lifestyle. There is a wealth of evidence that a change in diet can reduce the risk of developing constipation, heart disease, stroke and even some cancers! In addition diet can play a role in helping to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels and in improving diabetes control.

Dietitians Direct can help you to manage and improve the following health conditions:  Cardiovascular Disease (including high blood pressure and high cholesterol), Type 2 Diabetes,  Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Women's Health conditions (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS,  Menopause, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding), Cancer, Mental Health  (Eating Disorders such as Binge Eating Disorder), Weight loss required for surgical procedures. 

Does your organisation need staff training on nutrition, health and well being?

A healthy, happy workforce is an effective and efficient workforce. Dietitians Direct can offer seminars and group presentations as half day workshops or over the lunch time period. We also provide health measurements for staff on site and supportive resources for employees. Please contact us to discuss your requirements which can address your companies individual needs

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